Pipeline! Playlist September 13, 2005

Twink “Pussycat”
Sunburned Hand of the Man “Facelift”
Gary Higgins “Down on the Farm”
Feathers “Old Black Hat With the Dandelion Flower”
Cerberus Shoal “Junior”
Tiger Saw “Lord Knows, I Need My Own Place to Stay”
Turpentine Brothers “Too Long”
Winterpills “Cranky”
the Fawns “Stop Talkin'”

Roy Rubinstein of New England Pop Fest INTERVIEW

Welcome “Extra Effort”
Micah Blue Smaldone “New Orleans Bump”
the Mystery Tramps “Passed Out (on the Floor)”
Ric Ocasek “Heard About You”

Cyanide Valentine LIVE

Pants Yell! “The Not-So-City Life”
Ten Years Old “Awasting Night”
Ashby “Getting Started”

Cyanide Valentine INTERVIEW

Mobius Band “Radio Coup”

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