Pipeline! Playlist September 26, 2006

Pernice Brothers “Cruelty to Animals”
Corin Ashley “Little Runaround”
the Sterns “Supreme Girl”

Tiny Amps “Carrots”
Lemonheads “No Backbone”
Apple Betty “Boom Boom”

Club d’Elf “Now I Understand”
Dilly Dilly “Rival”
Fluttr Effect “Talk to Me”

King Tuff “Animal”
Triple Thick “Demon in My Mind”
SPiTZZ “Human Being”

Helms “Suicidal Tendacies”
Cursillistas “Edit Weapons”
MV and EE with the Bummer Road “Sun Shine on Us All”
Red Favorite “Cistern”
Crooked Still “Lone Pilgrim”

Shepherdess LIVE

Ho-Ag “American Mall”
Guillermo Sexo “Red Seeds”
Big Digits “Music is Magic”

Shepherdess INTERVIEW

Fancy Trash “Deeply Concerned”
Ruthie Garbus “Gone to the House”
Erik Amlee “Melting Trees”

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