Pipeline! Playlist – September 3, 2013

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Soft Pyramids “Tweakin’ on the Weekend”
Feeds “Piling Up”
Ghosts + Shadows “House of Cards”

You People “False Signals”
Cloud Watchers “It’s Not Better (But We Have Come So Far)”
Connectors “Tinkertoys”

Saralee “White Pipes”
Yellabird “This Old War”
Pixies “Indie Cindy”

Martha’s Vineyard Ferries “Parachute”
the Slow Burning Nuggets “The Bouncy Song”
Collector “Severance”

Mutoid Man “Gnarcissist”
Cavities “Freedom Waits”

Cannibal Ramblers “Drank Too Much Devil”
the Marty Kings “She’s a Killer”
14 Foot 1 “Farm Animals”

Ruby Rose Fox “Neighborhood Watch!”
Miriam “Life is Magical”
Don Lennon “All Good”

2am Taco “Light of Brighter Days”
Cult Flourescent “Kicked/Killed”
MAP “Oceans For Her”

Razormaze “Terminal Escape”
Frida Precariat “Summer|Salt”

Littlefoot “Maps and Hands”

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