Pipeline! Playlist September 6, 2005

Our Lady of Bells “I Don’t Want to Talk About It”
Pernice Brothers “Say Goodnight to the Lady”
Tiger Saw “The Tiger and the Tailor”
Gary Higgins “Thicker Than a Smokey”
Edan “Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme”
Apple Betty “You’re Going Down”
Brown Bird “Hardly a Man of My Word”
Franklin’s Mint “Last in Line”
Kings of Nuthin’ “Wild in the Streets”
Mobius Band “Taxicab”
Mach 5 “Deadly Combination”
Ten Years Old “Gone”
Nat Baldwin “Look Away”
Northern “If”
Apollo Sunshine “Eyes”
the Rudds “Older Girls”

Boy in Static LIVE

Feathers “Silver Leaves in the Air of Star Seedlings”
Tree by Leaf “Give it All You Can”

Boy in Static INTERVIEW

B for Brontosaurus “Who Will Sail My Ship Ashore?”

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