Pipeline! playlist 3/22/2005

Big Bear — “#3”
Urdog — “Paths of the Meridians”
Mobius Band — “City vs. Country”
Cerberus Shoal — “Parachute”
Turpentine Brothers — “Fool For You”
The Information — “Attention”
the Dirty Projectors — “D. Henly’s Dream”
Alec K Redfearn and the Eyesores — “The Smoking Shoes”
Anaïs Mitchell — “Two Kids”
Ad Frank — “You Will Never Learn to Play the Cello”
Philistines Jr — “We Will All Go Down Together”
Mahi Mahi — “654321”
Dinosaur Jr — “Severed Lips”
the Konks — “Honey”

the Downbeat 5 LIVE

Clem Snide — “Something Beautiful”
the Books — “If Not Now, Whenever”

the Downbeat 5 INTERVIEW

All Combinations — “Forward Momentum”

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