The New England Pop Music Festival Needs Bands

Am I the only one that noticed that not only is today Andy Griffiths’ 80th birthday, but that it’s also the day Marilyn Monroe would have turned 80? What a day for American iconography. Imagine if she was Matlock instead of him…  Anyways, I’m forwarding this on so interested folks please take note… ______________________________________________________________________

From: Roy Rubinstein
The New England Pop Music Festival Announced, Accepting Band Applications

We are pleased to announce that this year The New England Pop Music Festival
will be held September 14-16, 2006 at The Abbey Lounge in Somerville, MA.

The New England Pop Music Festival (a/k/a New England PopFest,
a/k/a NE PopFest) is an annual music festival celebrating and showcasing
the pop music of New England musicians. This year’s festival, NE PopFest 2006,
will run in three evenings, Thursday through Saturday, with 6 bands
performing full sets each evening.

We are now accepting applications from bands who are interested in playing
at this year’s festival. See for more information.

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